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STYLETECH has been operating in the plumbing sector for years, offering a careful and qualitative selection of bathroom and kitchen products.

About Styletech

STYLETECH is a brand operating in the sanitary sector, specialising in the development, management and distribution of technical products for bathrooms and kitchens.

STYLETECH products are designed to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market. They are manufactured with extreme care and selection of the best materials, with the aim of providing functionality and added value to the bathroom and kitchen environments.

The wide range of plumbing and sanitary products on offer aims to meet the needs of a wide range of customers: installers in the sector, specialist technicians, designers of civil and industrial areas and all those who love DIY. STYLETECH offers bathroom and kitchen products that are high-performance, practical, easy to install and long-lasting.


How we work

STYLETECH has two core product areas: plumbing and sanitary equipment.

The first area offers toilet cisterns (external and built-in), toilet accessories and solutions for suspended drainage and floor drainage (siphons and drains for washbasins, bidets, sinks, shower trays and bathtubs) The sanitaryware distribution area is responsible for the manufacture of toilet seats and folding tub shower enclosures.

Thanks to the collaboration with professional partners, we can offer STYLETECH articles to a wide target of customers all over Italy. In fact, our products for bathrooms and kitchens are available through the main distribution channels: traditional plumbing shops, a nationwide network of distributor-wholesalers and large-scale retail trade.

Brand Mission

StYLETECH’s strength lies in its ability to select industrial products of the highest quality standards, which stand out for their efficiency and attention to technical and aesthetic detail. In addition to managing distribution variables such as packaging and product communication, we strive every day to provide a complete service that meets expectations. That’s why we have a staff of experts at our customers’ disposal, able to provide commercial and technical support, pre- and after-sales assistance, installations and customised productions. Our mission is to continue to do our best to offer a complete service and technical solutions dedicated to the needs of your bathroom and kitchen.

Brand Vision

At STYLETECH, we believe that the combination of all operations involved in the sale and brand management of bathroom and kitchen products is fundamental to providing a modern, professional and great service. We know that the plumbing sector is constantly evolving. That’s why we look to the future with care, working every day to offer increasingly diversified and innovative solutions. Our aim is to continue to improve over time and to constantly provide technical and specialised customer support, working every day with passion and continuity.

Brand Partner

NEGRARI SRL stands out among the STYLETECH brand partners. It is a company in the bathroom furniture sector that specialises in the production of articles for the laundry environment such as indoor-outdoor washbasins.   Just as in the case of STYLETECH’s bathroom and kitchen products, NEGRARI offers different solutions and collections. The wide range of articles allows you to bring high quality, functional, durable and beautifully designed elements into your environment. You too can find STYLETECH and its partner brands in your traditional shop or discover the solutions offered and the latest news directly online.  

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